Youth Programs

Scottsdale Artists’ School Youth Academy is Arizona’s premier art school for youth and teens. The School offers workshops where emerging artists can discover and express their vision through art! Students are inspired to draw, paint and sculpt while experiencing an authentic artists’ school experience using professional equipment and tools. Beginning to advanced students are encouraged to attend classes offered throughout the year to acquire a foundation for future creative studies. The School’s Youth & Teen Academy Program Manager, Sandy Zally, works with a team of professional artists and assistants, who have experience working with students of all ages. Students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of art project and will explore the decision-making and problem-solving skills used while creating art.

Guide to Instructional Style (Skill Levels)

Fun Zone
Art for all skill levels with the focus on fun and trying new things
Art for all skill levels who want to learn art techniques, have fun creating and developing art with their own personal style
Art for all skill levels who are serious about skill building and learning traditional art techniques

Youth Academy’s Mission

Scottsdale Artists’ School’s Youth and Teen Academy offers traditional fine art instruction in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media for young artists ages 6-8, 9-14 and high school students. Youth and Teen programs are dedicated to developing observation skills, technical ability and creating finished art work to encourage self-confidence, knowledge, and enthusiasm. The School is dedicated to providing age-appropriate art classes where students learn a variety of techniques that enable them to discover new ways to express themselves.


“My daughter has truly found a place to be free to express herself through art and to learn more about how to do that more fully and with greater skill. You and your co-workers are providing an environment which creates anticipation and quenches the thirst for the young artist.” – Youth Academy Parent

“I was very impressed with the variety of the mediums, and the subject matter introduced. I feel that her skill level has been enhanced. This has been a wonderful experience. Thank you!” – Youth Academy Parent

“Thank you so much for letting me have this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the wonders of art, I am honored. Some things I learned are how to draw a blind contour, how to handle clay and how to draw objects with shadows. These past two weeks have been exciting and fun. I hope I am able to take another art class soon.” – Youth Academy Student