In 1983, Scottsdale’s community leaders came together to build a school in which artists could gather, share ideas, solve problems, and learn from the country’s best representational artists. For three decades, Scottsdale Artists’ School has successfully trained artists who have gone on to lead professional arts careers, and consider many of our students, whether novice or accomplished, alumni of our distinguished program.

Each year, the Scottsdale Artists’ School programs over 200 workshops, demonstrations, weekly classes and camps in painting, drawing and sculpture for all ages. The breadth and quality of instruction, relaxed but challenging learning environment, and supportive and creative community, provides an unparalleled experience for our students.

The lineage of artists who have graced our hallways is awe-inspiring, and the quality of instruction that migrates from teacher to student–often across the globe, is impressive. It is our deepest hope that we continue to offer a wide spectrum of workshops and classes that encourage students to learn and discover their unique style.
The Scottsdale Artists’ School has flourished successfully for thirty years because of our inspired and creative students, instructors, volunteers, and Board members. We thank you for your support and sincerely hope that you will continue to be a lifelong student. Welcome to Scottsdale Artists’ School.