Papa Week

Papa Week

Artists will have the rare opportunity to study with some of the greatest plein air painters in America.  Plein Air Painters of America master instructors Kathryn Stats, Kathleen Dunphy, Joseph McGurl, Don Demers, Russell Case and Mitch Baird are coming to the southwest to teach at the Scottsdale Artists’ School.

Plein Air Painters of America will be holding a workshop at Scottsdale Artists’ School in Scottsdale, AZ May 6-10, 2019! This will be an INDOOR workshop. Monday will be an all day lecture as each instructor will present their subject of choice.

Each attendee will select two (2) instructors for two (2) days of workshop with each.

There is NO on-line registration for PAPA WEEK. Please call (480) 990-1422 to register and select your artists. Space is limited!




Students will take two, two-day classes. Students will select a different artist for each class. A maximum of fifteen students will be in each class. A full day of artist talks by each of the participating instructors, two evening presentations featuring PAPA members.


All of the classes will be indoors.


Students will bring all supplies needed for both classes. Individual supply lists can be found on the workshop page of each instructor.


Information will be posted soon. In the event of an artist class cancellation, students will be able to choose another instructor based on availability.


Instructors will be staying at The Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites. Student Rate for May 2019…..$128 standard room plus state and Local taxes…..13.92%

Here is a link that students can click on to book their Hotel rooms.

The 2018 PAPA Master Workshop in GA this year was a huge success and we expect this one to fill early!

Keep an eye on the PAPA website and Facebook page for info!


Life After Plein Air – Incorporating Reference in the Studio

G. Russell Case

Oil - Intermediate, Advanced

In this workshop, students will be using references to create larger scale paintings with an emphasis on composition and philosophical ideas of painting. Students should bring field studies and/or photographs to work from in the studio. The focus will be on simplifying the landscape and finding the essence of what one wants to express in their painting. Through the use of color, value harmony, and paint application, Russell will discuss how to bring unity to the artist’s statement.There will be individual instruction as well as critiques throughout the workshop.

Successfully ‘Seeing’ in Outdoor Painting

Mitch Baird

Oil and Acrylic - All Levels

What does the act of ‘seeing’ mean for an artist? It is the most important part of the creative process for plein air painting. Discover the keys to understanding and breaking down an outdoor scene. Students will explore the specifics of observing a subject, interpreting the visual elements, and executing it all onto canvas. The Instructor will discuss the way the optics of the eye work as well as seeing light, form, atmosphere and space. The fundamental principles ofpainting – composition, drawing, value, color, and edges will also be stressed.Students will sharpen their focus by pushing for simplification of form, shape, and the larger masses. There will be daily demos covering the principles mentioned above, followed by plenty of painting and personal instruction. Individual attention will be a high priority as well as laughs and lots of enthusiasm!

The Color of Value

Kathryn Stats

Oil - Intermediate, Advanced

This workshop addresses problems encountered in designing a painting onlocation through the following concepts and techniques: Rearranging masses toform a more pleasing pattern, changing spatial relationships and emphasizing or minimizing elements to produce a strong design. This workshop will introduce principles and ideas that are as important to studio work as they are to plein airwork. Students will work from their own photos which will require approvalfrom instructor or from photos provided by instructor. Kathryn will discusstechniques in paint texture and quality at different stages of block-in to providethe most stable base to limit unwanted paint buildup which hinders further application of paint in one sitting. Students will learn how to avoid common roadblocks encountered in Plein Air painting. Students are encouraged to use their plein air easels and equipment in the studio if possible. Paper palettes are strongly discouraged.

Limited Palette: Unlimited Possibilities

Kathleen Dunphy

Oil - All Levels

Learn how to simplify the painting process and achieve beautiful, natural-looking colors by using a limited palette. Students will learn to mix an infinite variety of tones using Kathleen’s five color palette. Students will also study thework of master artist Anders Zorn and experiment with his three-color palette.Along with discussion of color theory and color mixing, students will apply these palettes to still life and landscape subject matter. Class includes lecture,hand-outs, demonstrations, and lots of painting time with individual and groupinstruction. Students should come ready to work hard, with an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

Plein Air Painting with Joseph McGurl

Joseph McGurl

Oil - All Levels

The focus of this workshop will be to learn some practical and sometimes unconventional methods to help artists work efficiently, draw accurately, and render convincingly. This workshop will accelerate one’s progress usingmethods and techniques that Joseph has refined over the past 40 years of pleinair painting and 30 years of teaching. Joseph will begin with a demonstrationon how he sets up his equipment and an explanation about the advantages ofusing each component. Students will then see how composing for maximum impact can make their paintings stand out and be noticed from across the room, and help convey the message they are communicating through their art. Drawing accurately is critical when working outdoors and so Joseph willdemonstrate how to paint with greater accuracy and speed by using the sight-size method. Color and value create the mood, therefore students will learn to recreate the sense of light and atmosphere, and create the appearance of form. In regards to texture; students will learn that by manipulating the tools, sometimes in an unconventional manner to give the appearance of detail, a tree, mountainside, or rocks on the beach can be painted with the appropriate texture and also give new dimension to their art.

The Ascending Landscape

Donald Demers

Oil - Intermediate, Advanced

This workshop is intended for experienced painters. It will be focused around painting on location (plein air painting) as a form of study in all of its manifestations. It is designed to direct the individual artist to recognize where they are in their artistic evolution and move them to a higher level of artistic consciousness and execution. Don will address all components of creating paintings and the artistic process including the constructs such as; idea, design and composition, draftsmanship, color and value arrangement, and manipulation, etc. There will be discussions about the philosophy and intention behind the work. Don will do daily demonstrations and brief visual exercises and conduct extensive individual instruction with each student. There is no materials list assuming that the participants already have their own methods and tools of choice.