Rick Casali

Drawing Sculpture

"Casali approaches the art of sculpture through the lens of a painter. He developed his craft from 2004 to 2007 during an apprenticeship with one of the nation’s preeminent families of artists, the Egelis. From these teachers, Casali learned to master the light and shadow of the human form and soon moved from portrait painting to three-dimensional work… In Casali’s hands, a sculpture reflects the range of shadow and tone akin to a masterful painting." -Haynes Galleries

Rick Casali b. 1984
An American figurative artist based in Maryland, Rick Casali’s work expresses his appreciation for nature and his love of the figure. Whether painting one's portrait in oils or sculpting the figure in clay, Casali keeps his artistic principles streamlined: “It is the honest study of nature that leads one to beauty," says Casali. "I'm striving to capture the essence of what is happening…a certain color harmony in the landscape or the spirit of a person in the portrait." His style embraces classicism, Impressionism, and elements of modern design, aiming to fuse the timeless geometry of the Greeks with a fresh Impressionistic vision of reality.

After graduating from St. Mary’s High School in Annapolis in 2002, Rick attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. From 2004 to 2007, he maintained a close apprenticeship with renowned portrait artists Cedric and Joanette Egeli at their farm in Edgewater, Maryland. It was John Ebersberger who introduced Rick to the Egelis, and Rick credits John for opening his eyes to color and developing a command of drawing the portrait and figure. Casali has also studied extensively with sculptor Stephen Perkins, an expert in human construction and anatomy. Additional mentors include colorist George T. Thurmond and portrait artist Michael Shane Neal.

“All artists have a duty to teach. It’s how artistic knowledge survives and grows from generation to generation.” Rick teaches drawing, painting, and sculpture at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis as well as workshops across the country. A key figure in the Mid Atlantic art community, Casali serves as the vice president to the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters. Rick maintains a beautiful north light studio in Edgewater, MD where he receives portrait clients and various commissioned work.

Casali has won numerous awards in the annual Paint Annapolis plein air competition for his Impressionist landscapes. A member of The Portrait Society of America, Rick was recently granted a Certificate of Excellence in the society's 2012 International Competition for his portrait bust Gabrielle. In 2013, his bronze figure Spring was selected as a finalist for the National Sculpture Society's 80th Annual Awards Exhibition in Tampa, FL. Gallery Representation: Haynes Galleries - Nashville, TN, Egeli Gallery - Provincetown, MA and McBride Gallery - Annapolis, MD