Remelle Tanhueco


Remelle’s paintings have been exhibited at Scottsdale Artists’ School’s Best and Brightest Show for the last five years and he was the recipient of an honorable mention award for his painting Amaya Rose. His works were consistently represented by Providence Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Remelle's talent and love for portraiture is evident in his ability to capture the likeness and spirit of the person he paints. His artwork can be seen in the private homes of his clients in several states. Remelle’s interest in art first became apparent when his father brought home illustrative books of dinosaurs when Remelle was in pre-school. The pictures sparked his imagination and inspired him to draw.  “My father kept bringing more books of dinosaurs and other illustrations of dinosaurs such as comics. I remember how happy he was when he discovered that I had a natural gift.”
As early as third grade, Remelle drew an impressive likeness of Abraham Lincoln.  In fifth grade, he won the drawing competition for the school logo, and received $20.00 cash and a Butterfinger candy bar! That logo has remained in use by the school for more than 20 years!
The true calling to be an artist took place when Remelle picked up a Southwest Art magazine and was taken back by the beautiful works of Daniel Gerhartz and Morgan Weisling.  He recalls whispering to himself “I have never seen such beautiful paintings of the human figure! I was lost and now I found my calling in life.” This eventually led him to seek a scholarship at Scottsdale Artists’ School, taking one workshop after another, each one proving invaluable in all aspects of art. Remelle studied drawing and painting with artists Mike Malm, John Michael Carter, Aaron Westerberg and Greg Beecham. Remelle proclaims that “painting from life is vital to his growth as an artist. You can only make use of what you learn by painting hours and hours from life.” His portraits or studies evoke an emotional response to the viewer.