Larisa Aukon

Acrylic Oil

“I truly believe there is an inner “pulse” that runs through everything. There is no greater artistic inspiration for me than identify this pulse and move it from my heart onto the canvas. “
Over the last several years Larisa Aukon established herself as an accomplished painter and teacher in the US. Larisa’s education and natural talents allow her to create masterfully mixed and layered palettes, supported by a framework of balanced compositions. She fills her canvases with bold strokes of rich pigment capturing the ever-changing hues of natural light. The original tones seep through later paint additions, creating depth and brilliance that have become her trademark.
Aukon received initial art training at a prestigious Art School for gifted children in her native Latvia. To be accepted she had to pass extensive academic and art exams, of which only a few were accepted. She had a full academic curriculum and up to 20 art lessons per week from the time she was 12 until graduation. Larisa was then accepted to Latvian State Academy of Fine Arts, graduating with her Master’s.
For the last 20 years Larisa calls Arizona her home spending time painting and teaching. She’s featured in magazines; Southwest Art, American Art Collector, Cowboys & Indians, Phoenix Home & Garden and a book, Contemporary Art of The Southwest. Her works are in private and corporate collections throughout the world.