Jane Jones


Jones is a Denver native and continues to live near there at the foot of her beloved Rocky Mountains, where the light that she loves is bright and clear, and the seasons, which influence her work, are definite in their character and moods. Studying biology in college taught her the amazing power of living systems, and gardening has shown her what a struggle that can be, and both of those infuse her with awe at the beauty that comes from the earth.

Her artistic aesthetic has been shaped by studies in Art History, where she has been influenced by Michelangelo’s clarity of composition and communication, and the great illusions of light painted by Johannes Vermeer, although she believes that every artist should be of their own time. Her work has won numerous national awards and can be seen at Bonner David Gallery in Scottsdale, The Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe and Saks Galleries in Denver. She is the author of Classic Still Life Painting, published by Watson-Guptill.

As a teacher her job is to meet the student where they are on their journey as an artist, and help them move in the direction of their passion.