Gregory Beecham


Greg Beecham is the son of artist, Tom Beecham. As a kid, Greg hunted, fished, and hiked with his Dad, mimicking the elder Beecham’s skills of observation and knowledge of the wild. It instilled in Greg a love for the outdoors and a desire to portray the wilderness accurately and artistically. Simultaneously, Greg’s Dad was teaching him to draw. In sixth grade Greg could draw photographically. He has spent the rest of his life taking that skill and refining it to his vision of genuine art.

Beecham served in the United States navy from 1972-1975. After the service, he met his future wife, Lu, while attending Southern Oregon State College. They married in 1977, eventually raising two children, Sam and Sarah.

Beecham claims that every time he is in the wilderness, the animals tell him something new. Thus, painting wildlife is not only fun, but allows him to present paintings that are unique. To him, there is never an excuse for a wildlife artist to ever run out of fresh ideas. One of Tolstoy’s requirements for a work of art – taken from his essay, “What is Art?” – is that a work of art must say something new. It is Beecham’s opinion that if a wildlife artist spends the time necessary, and is willing to truly see, his or her work will always meet Tolstoy’s estimation. Tolstoy’s other two requirements are that an artist must display adequate technical skill (something which Beecham is passionate about pursuing), and the artist must have a moral relationship with his subject matter. A passion for his subject, and a never ending thrill each time Greg is out watching and allowing the wild sink into him, fits that bill.

Greg Beecham shows his work with Astoria Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming. He also shows at the Western Visions Miniatures and More Show at the national Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. Beecham has been awarded both Artist’s choice and People’s choice at this show. His painting, “The Old Homestead at Merry’s Point” was recently added to the museum’s permanent collection.

Beecham is a three time winner of the wildlife award at the Prix de West Show and has also received the buyer’s choice award. The Masters of the American West Show at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, California has displayed Beecham’s work each of the last five years. A painting of Greg’s won the Legacy purchase award in 2011 at the Western Rendezvous of Art in Helena, Montana. He was inducted into the Gilcrease Museum’s (Tulsa, Oklahoma) Rendezvous Hall of Fame in April of 2014 where his painting, “Sniffin’” was selected for the museum’s permanent collection.