Gerald Ruggiero


Gerald’s primary influence, throughout his 40 year career as an American Modernist Painter, has been Joseph Solman. Solman, the Expressionist, was his teacher during the years that Gerald moved from being a Commercial Artist in New York to a Painter. Solman founded, along with Mark Rothko,the unofficial co-leader of “The Ten”, a group of expressionist painters including L. Schanker, Adolph Gotlieb and Ilya Bolotowsky who exhibited as the “Whitney Dissenters” at the Mercury Galleries in New York City in 1938.
Gerald was trained as an Artist at the City College of New York receiving a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. He also minored in Secondary Education. There he received two awards for his work in the CCNY Art Department. The “Colonial Dames Award” for the Viet Nam Era Veteran with the highest scholastic average and the “Prince Philip Award of the Royal Society of Arts for his paintings and drawings.
Gerald also studied at the National Academy of Design in New York where the emphasis of his studies was painting the human form.
Gerald has had numerous successful exhibits around the country and is presently represented by the Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.
While he appreciates the reality of nature, Gerald brings his subjects farther than mere “representation.” He is constantly experimenting with different ways to express that which he feels intrinsically about his world through his work. As a Painter and a Printer he is working diligently in his never-ending search for a completely unique artistic voice.