Edward Eyth


I've drawn from as far back as I can remember. With degrees in Visual Communications and Industrial Design, I pursued a successful career as a design consultant in New York and Los Angeles, but always found myself sketching incessantly, attending life drawing sessions to work from live models or drawing from masterworks in the museums of the U.S. and Europe. I finally gave in to my repressed desire to create figurative art, and began indulging my aspirations full time in 2004. I owe much to the guidance and mentorship of professional artists, instructors and friends, without whom the recognition and achievement of international awards and gallery sales would never have occurred. Few things in life satisfy me more than creating art that speaks to someone else, especially when they’re compelled to want to own it. I find similar satisfaction in instructing others and sharing the insights I've accumulated over the course of my career. I continue to create representational figurative sculptures and drawings, working primarily from live models. Aside from great art I'm obsessed with all things "new and improved," especially computers, communications technology and materials & methods innovations.