Dorota Lagida-Ostling


Dorota was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, where she studied Painting, Illustration, Product Design and Ceramics at National Academy of Fine Arts and where she graduated with a degree of Master in Fine Arts. Though she majored in ceramics, soon after graduation she turned her interest to illustrating children’s books.

While living in Poland, and after moving out of the country over two decades ago, she’s continued to make illustrations for children's magazines and books in the USA and Canada. She worked for a large number of clients all the while raising her three sons and studying creative writing. Please visit her illustration website:

When she moved to Australia in 2012, she added painting to her list of passions and now she’s combining the three. Her paintings have distinct illustrative qualities. Please visit her painting website:

Through all these years she also taught art at different venues: University of Toronto, Canada, Mid-Michigan community college, USA, Art Reach Center of Mid-Michigan, USA, Ipswich Art Society in Australia, Redcliffe City Art Gallery in Australia, as well as giving private lessons and instructions.

In 2015 she participated in an important project sponsored by Artslink, Australia, aimed at reviving the historic center of Ipswich. Part of this project was a large mural which she painted with two other artists. Please view the video of the mural project at:

Now she’s back in the USA, she lives in Tempe, Arizona, paints pictures and works on a series of books which she’s writing and plans to illustrate.