Dinah Worman

Dinah Worman

Dinah Worman’s landscape paintings are instantly recognizable for their clarity and depth. “I work to press beyond method and into a flow of creative instinct; using pastel, oil, acrylic or printmaking to express unusual compositions and expanding vision.” Her work ranges from representational to imaginative variations taken from a creative viewpoint of man and his relationship to the landscape.

“I am looking for two things: I want to see the bones of the landscape found in the openness of an arid climate or the stacked fields of cultivated land. I also love the compositional elements of a cluttered, close scene that allows me to treat the landscape much like a still life. This is especially true of my aerial views and large foreground pieces.

Dinah has been an artist at the Coors Western Art Exhibit since 2011. Her oil painting History of a Fieldreceived the Best of Show award in the 2013 exhibition. She was selected for the Southwest Art Award in 2015 and then was the featured artist in the 2017.

A number of magazines and newspapers, including the Denver Post and Western Art & Architecture, have featured Dinah’s work. She has earned the designation of Master Pastellist from the Pastel Society of America and her work has been featured in several publications including Southwest Art, The Pastel Journal, The Artists Magazine, and in books including Art Journey America: Landscapes and Art Journey: New Mexico.

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