Clay Request Form Online

Clay Request Form Online

  • In order for your students to have the proper clay for your workshop, please provide the information below.
  • For classes that use WATER-BASED CLAY, the School orders Dover Porcelain White (in 25 lb bags) from Marjon Ceramics to have available for students to purchase here at the School.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

    OIL-BASED CLAY can be purchased by the students directly from Reynolds Advanced Materials (formerly Ball Consulting), and delivered to the School on the first day of the workshop. Please make sure your supply list we have on file communicates the amount and exact clay needed, because students will need to order their own clay prior to the workshop.

    If you require special clay that is NOT available through Marjon ( or Reynolds (, please provide us with the information outlined below.
  • Notice

    Please give us at least two to three months notice if we need to place a special order, and provide COMPLETE information.
  • If the School will need to have a supply of cut BOARDS for your workshop, please specify:
  • Questions

    If you have questions please email Mimi Wasneski, or call 480.990.1422