The Magic of Paintings Things You Love: Flowers, Fruit & Still Life

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Stephanie Birdsall
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11/06/2018 - 11/09/2018 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Tue Wed Thu Fri
$575/ 4 days
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Oil Pastel
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This workshop is designed for semi-beginners, seasoned painters and for those who wish to take their paintings to the next level. Students will begin by choosing to paint what they love. Many students have ideas of what they’d like to paint, and how they’d like it to look, but not how to get there. Stephanie will help students define their concept and show them how to design their painting, making every inch of a canvas beautiful. She will also introduce students to what she calls “paint speak”, the way to answer one’s own questions in your head, when you are working on your own. Working with flowers and fruit in a still life composition, which could be formal or a vignette, this workshop will either introduce the student to or help them hone their color mixing skills. Students will concentrate on beautiful, intentional brushstrokes, paint quality, along with edges and values. She will show students how to start with a 25 stroke painting to warm up or break “painter’s block”, and practice intentional brush strokes and color. Stephanie will assist in still life set ups and instruct students on how to look for the rhythm and fall of light on the subject.