Portraiture in Selective Start from Life and Photos

Tina Garrett
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01/07/2019 - 01/11/2019 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
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ARC Associate Living Master, Tina Garrett is one of the few artists teaching the Selective Start method today. Tina learned this method from “Alla Prima II” by author and artist Richard Schmid and it is her favorite way to approach painting the portrait from life and photos. Learn to see and simplify values, create form, and understand edges and chroma to control the composition and create dramatic portraiture. Tina will teach students how to organize their palette to mix realistic colors, values, and temperatures for different skin types and share two easy strategies to achieve an accurate likeness in the portraiture. Tina will demonstrate creating portraits from both the live model and from photos. Students are encouraged to bring their own photos. Tina will demonstrate photo editing strategies as well as model posing and lighting knowledge. Each morning Tina will demonstrate and lecture. Each afternoon, Tina will work one-on-one with every artist as they paint from the live model and photos. Tina’s goal is to be as generous with her knowledge as possible, walking each student through the concepts so when artists leave her workshops they are able to take their own painting to new heights. All levels welcome! www.tinagarrett.com