Plein Air: Painting the Beartooth Range, Montana (DESTINATION)

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Ned Mueller
Course Meets
06/25/2018 - 06/29/2018 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
$650/ 5 days
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Skill Level
Beginner to advanced (Plein Air experience necessary)
Oil Acrylic
Supply List
Mueller supply list (plein air)

Landscape painting is mostly about learning how to see; how to interpret, compare and edit the shapes and colors of the scene we choose to paint. We  will try to see things  less literally, but in more of an “Abstract” way.  In other words to not see literally      the mountains, trees, grass, water, etc. but to see them as an interesting and beautiful arrangement of shapes and colors. This is to see them more as an artist and it then opens up a whole lot more possibilities for things to paint and also helps us find our own voice. Students will concentrate on the process of painting and not be so concerned with doing “finished” paintings, as it frees them up to learn with less pressure. Students will work on what makes a plein air painting work; the mood, rhythm and movement along with an interesting and compelling arrangement of values, masses and color. Ned will do class demonstrations and will work with each individual as to their own personal needs. There will also be group critiques. Ned says “Bring a sense of humor, we will work hard and have a good time doing it.”


Portable equipment and transportation required. Students will receive lodging recommendations upon registration.