Painting Fundamentals: Exploring Color

Robert Lemler
Course Meets
05/29/2018 - 05/31/2018 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Tue Wed Thu
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This three-day workshop is for the beginning oil painter and those wishing to revisit the topic of “color” in painting. Any given color has the components of “hue” (red, yellow or blue), “value” (relative lightness or darkness) and “chroma” (brightness or dullness). All three components must be considered for the color to be correctly mixed. The color of any surface is affected by the “temperature” of the light source. Generally, the light source may be either “warm” (like direct sunlight) or “cool” (like a light from a north facing window). Working from simple still life arrangements, students will learn to mix and relate color in their paintings. The topics of drawing and the use of tools and materials will also be addressed, as needed.