Modeling Animals in 3D – Online

Modeling Animals in 3D – Online

ONLINE on Zoom and Facebook| 10AM-1PM MST (Arizona Time) | 4 Mondays


This will be a four-week online study of the anatomy and tools for correct proportion when sculpting horses and other animals.  Students will have the option of choosing the animal they would like to sculpt from dogs and cats to horses and wildlife. Students will learn how to build armature and use shapes for proportion and musculoskeletal structure to reference in finishing their sculpture. Rod’s known for his expressive animal sculptures, based on solid proportions, but not derived from extensive math or measuring.


Students can expect to finish a medium sized clay model, suitable for bronze casting. Rod looks forward to online critique, demos and group learning as his experience in teaching spans many years and enthusiastic approach to living as an artist extends to all levels of learning.

The workshop will run using  ZOOM and a closed Facebook group. We will meet on Zoom every Monday at at 10AM MST for a 3 hour class. Students will be using the Facebook group as our meeting place in between the Zoom classes to communicate with the instructor and with each other during the week, ask questions and post their progress. 

In order to participate you will need: computer or tablet with internet access and an active Facebook account.