Mastering Water Media: Acrylic and Watercolor

Betty Carr
Course Meets
04/15/2019 - 04/19/2019 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
$630/ 5 days
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All levels
Watercolor Acrylic
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Capturing the beauty of light through studying temperatures of light and shadow, visual movement, and value/color relationship will be demonstrated daily in this exciting workshop. The still life, landscape, sky-scape, and architectural subjects will all be focused on as well as adding figures into a painting. As a Master in the American Impressionist Society, Carr will be emphasizing the “how to’s” in achieving dynamic and impressionistic paintings using painterly brushwork in both watercolor and acrylic. How to use confident, loose, and dramatic strokes in achieving dynamic paintings will be stressed throughout the week. Massing and organizing darks and lights, importance of drawing and the value sketch, atmospheric and linear perspective will also be covered. Through individual instruction, observing daily demonstrations, and critiques, students will develop a personal style in artistic approaches as well as gaining inspiration and enthusiasm for future paintings. Come and enjoy! Book: “Seeing the Light, an Artist’s Guide”, North Light pub., Betty Carr.


*Betty will be providing the acrylic paints

*Photos will be provided but students are welcomed to bring their favorites