Functional Sculpture

Simon Kogan
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04/08/2019 - 04/12/2019 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
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Water-Based Clay
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Art can be a multifaceted discipline. In fine art, the viewer relates to the art on an intellectual and emotional level, but art can also cross the boundaries from fine art to functional art, a utilitarian approach in which art is created to be used in addition to being viewed, bringing the beauty of art to everyday objects. In this workshop, students will have an opportunity to experience their ideas incarnated into a sculpture which will be the part of everyday life at home. It can be a relief tile to look at or a doorknob to pull for, shaped as a sphere, square or irregular shape. There is no limit to one’s imagination. This is not a class for designing a home decor but rather surrounding oneself with the beauty created to awe, observe and enjoy using. Students will be sculpting their ideas with a water-based clay and use a model to tell the story through the object and tactile experience of it. After the clay is dry and then fired it can be attached to the furniture or placed into any environment. The clay used is as hard as a rock after the firing and can be glazed or painted. Functional sculptures will bring a sense of history and an eternal presence of a beautiful objects created for everyday life.