Figurative Painting Program: Design

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Robert Lemler
Course Meets
03/31/2018 - 05/19/2018 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Sat
$695 / 8 sessions
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Lemler - Supply List Figurative Painting Program-Shape & Tone

Scottsdale Artists’ School is hosting a full year figurative painting program taught by nationally acclaimed, local artist Robert Lemler. In a series of extended sessions, students will be thoroughly immersed in the subject of figurative painting. This program is designed especially for those who have asked for more of a long term learning relationship with an instructor. Although one session naturally follows another, it is not necessary that each class be taken consecutively.

*COMPLIMENTARY PROGRAM PREVIEW AND DEMO Saturday, September 16, 2017 1pm-3pm

Design is fundamental to the success of any painting whether representational, abstract, or non-objective. A representational painting may be well drawn and possess fine form modeling and yet fail due to poor design considerations. The topic of design will be the focus of this last 8 week portion of the Figurative Painting Program. Concepts of design addressed will include linear design, predominant tone and color, the linking of values, an understanding of key, and paint and edge manipulation. This is not a “life painting class” and models will not be used. Students will be asked to bring photographic figural references. Join this class and design better paintings!