Drawing a More Expressive Portrait

Ned Mueller
Course Meets
02/22/2019 - 02/24/2019 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Fri Sat Sun
$415 + $55 model fee/ 3 days
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This workshop will concentrate on learning how to draw and construct a fine portrait. Students will work in conte as it is very flexible and useful in learning this process. Ned will teach some fairly easy steps to accurately render the proportions and structure of the head and models will be used to show the structure and changes in the facial planes. Ned will use strong light and shadow patterns to illustrate. Students will learn how to break the head down into simple value patterns and with the use of lost and found edges, make a compelling portrait. Ned will review the generic structure of the individual features of the face including: the eye, nose, mouth and ear. Students will learn how to see and interpret the forms and values to get a strong likeness. Mastering the discipline and training of the mind and eye to do a good portrait will translate and help students in other areas of their art. They will become more accurate and confident in observing and editing the important elements. Ned will give plenty of group demonstrations and individual attention. This will be a focused and intense three days and as Ned says, “We will work hard, learn a lot, indulge our humorous side and we will have a lot of fun doing it!” www.nedmueller.com