6×6 Paintings

6×6 Paintings

Our 6×6 Campaign is a wonderful and unique opportunity to support SAS by donating your artwork and/or by purchasing another artist’s special piece. Both well known instructors and students contribute. Our 6×6 Campaign fundraiser runs year-round with new artworks continually being exhibited for sale.

SAS provides the blank 6×6 canvas panels or multimedia boards. You can either create your donation piece while at the school or in your studio.

Why a fundraiser?
On average, our tuition only covers a portion of the work we do here. Our school depends on individuals, foundations and corporations for nearly 40% of our programming and community outreach budget. Every gift contributed provides your next creative experience.

Purchase a 6×6
Student pieces are sold for $20 unframed and $30 framed.
Workshop Instructor’s pieces are sold for $100 unframed and $110 framed.

It is like having the opportunity to trade art with other artists while supporting the school!

Please call the front desk at 480.990.1422 during business hours if you would like to purchase one of the pieces you have seen while at the school or one you might see on social media. They go fast so don’t wait!