Painting Floral Still Life in Oil and Acrylic

Krista Eaton
Course Meets
10/25/2017 - 10/27/2017 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Wed Thu Fri
$325/ 3 days
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Skill Level
Absolute beginner All levels
Oil Acrylic
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In this workshop, students may work in oil or acrylic since Krista is proficient in both. Students will paint from contemporary floral still life setups to further develop their skills. Value, color and edges will all be discussed in a fun and relaxed environment. Students can work on smaller surfaces to capture portions of setups if they want to complete more paintings during the workshop. Each day, Krista will warm up the class with a demo, sharing her tips to create depth and dimension in a painting with a strong focal point. After her demos, students will have plenty of time to work on their own studies or complete paintings.


Krista has been a prolific daily painter for a few years, and she sells her work online    at Krista will share an overview with the class on how to successfully market and sell art online.