Forensic Facial Reconstruction Sculpture

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Karen T. Taylor
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05/04/2015 - 05/08/2015 8:30AM - 4:30PM on Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
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Forensic Sculpture

This hands-on workshop presents the forensic technique of sculpting a face based on the bony architecture of the skull. Attendees learn step-by-step procedures for creating an accurate skull-to-face likeness along with the placement and function of head and neck muscles. Participants will build musculature and facial features using oil-based plastilene clay. Anatomical skull models are provided for in-class use only. We will work on identical skull castings to incorporate elements of the Anatomical and the Tissue Depth Facial Reconstruction approaches using a Combination Method. Upon completion of the sculptures, attendees will see and compare an actual life photo of the deceased person whose skull they have reconstructed.

This workshop benefits both technical and fine artists who deal with the human face in their work and has practical applications in law enforcement, museum, medical and other environments, including traditional portraiture.

Tuition includes supplies and use of equipment.

Class will be held daily from 8:30am-4:30pm and complete at 2pm on Friday.