Adult Programs

Scottsdale Artists’ School offers weekly classes and workshops for everyone from the aspiring novice to the advanced artist.  Our courses are taught by working, professional artists who are also experienced instructors.

Weekly Classes Vs. Workshops

Our local weekly class program is geared towards students living in the Phoenix metro area, who are looking for an ongoing study with a local artist.  We have four, five and six week courses, offered in morning, afternoon and evening time slots, as well as Saturday classes.

Our workshop program consists of three to five consecutive day intensive courses, taught by nationally known artists from all over the country. Typical workshop hours are 9am- 4pm with a one hour lunch break.

Our workshops and classes are labeled with different skill levels.  Please read each course description carefully. Most workshops do require a certain level of experience, unless otherwise noted.

Skill Levels

Absolute Beginner
Feels lost in an art store but has the willingness to learn the fundamentals.
Has basic drawing skills and some familiarity with, but is not fluent in the medium or subject matter.
Draws well. Comfortable working with the medium used, and understands the basic elements of design including composition, value, and color.
Excellent drawing skills and confident in the medium used.

You will get the most out of the classes and workshops that are appropriate to your skill level. If you are in doubt about the right course for you, please contact the School to discuss your options and preferences. Call (800) 333-5707 or (480) 990-1422 weekdays.


Supply lists are available online at the top of each class description. If you have questions regarding supplies, where to purchase supplies, or cannot afford certain supplies specified on the list, please call the school before purchasing them.

Workshop Locations

Most workshops and classes are held at the School. Note that plein air painting sites are typically located a 15-60 minute drive from the School. Portable equipment and transportation are required for these courses. Students attending workshops in Tucson, Sedona, etc. will be given instructions on where to meet the first day of the workshop, as well as recommendations for lodging. Call if you have questions.